Season 24

Episode: Echoes


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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats all this?

Destiny Launcher aims to be a, surprise, launcher for the websites made around Destiny and its public api. It presents the numerous websites for new players to explore and makes them easily accessible from one place, for everyone. Destiny Launcher will never have ads, so if you like the project, consider supporting on Ko-Fi.

Why are the banners closeable?

The banners are open by default so that new players can discover all the sites, but if You know them and only want to use the Destiny Launcher as a quick way to access Your favourite sites You can close them and still open the sites by clicking on its icon or name.

Why is "insert site here" not here?

This is my personal collection of sites, but as the project is open source, You can always suggest new sites to be added over on GitHub or open a pull request with one.

Why is x in front of y?

Again this is my personal preference of sites, but You can reorder the banners on non-touch devices by dragging and dropping them anywhere.

(Tip: close the banners if You have a hard time dragging them.)

Also if You have already used drag and drop then when new banners get added, they will appear at the bottom of their category.

Currently working personalized links:

  • Braytech
  • Crucible Report
  • Destiny Checklist
  • Destiny Item Manager
  • Destiny Tracker
  • Dungeon Report
  • Nightfall Report
  • Raid Dad
  • Raid Report
  • Trials Report